The Barkley Wedding

||The Barkley Wedding

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The Wedding Location

I had a great time working with Angela and Antonio. They were really awesome to work with. The weather couldn't have been better. It's Florida, so one wouldn't expect anything lower than 85 degrees.  I arrived at the venue (The Rusty Pelican) an hour or so early. You can never be late to a wedding, that's  not acceptable.  Shooting video of a wedding requires  me to get to the venue, locate the crowd hours before showtime.  Showcasing the bride as she prepares for her wedding day is a must. I always encourage my brides to go with a package that allows more coverage.  When the final video is produced, you want to showcase your wedding day, not wedding afternoon.

The Supporting Cast

The reception hall was top notch. It was decorated by Star Status Events. The owner Tina was very nice.  I was blown away when I first entered the reception space. As a vendor, you want to know how great of a  service you provided to your client.  You have confidence in your skills and are confident you will do a great job, but the bride and groom are the judge, jury, and may you never need it....the executioner. Well for this reception, the bride and groom were brought to tears.  They could not believe how immaculate the space was.  The colors were so vibrant, the silvers were glimmering and full of bling. Tastefully, but blinging. If you're looking for a great wedding planner, that will take your big day to the next level, and give it that "Star Status" contact Tina. You wont be disappointed. A new and upcoming photographer who has done great work for me in the past and currently second shoots for me a lot is Tabari of  "Irabat Photography". He was the official photographer for wedding. For my wedding video, I wanted to include some Ariel footage, but due to the proximity of the Rusty Pelican to the Tampa International Airport, I was unable to launch my Yuneek Q500. I was not happy about this. Especially when I know it can be done, because I've seen it.  So frustrating.  Event though I was unable to include some aerials, the video was still awesome.   [robo-gallery id="13468"]
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