Simanteris Wedding, Largo, Florida.

Your Photography and Wedding Film will be the only thing from your big day that become more valuable as time goes on!"

— Your future self

1. You Won't Miss a Thing - When you choose to have a professional cinematographer, they are dedicated to capturing your wedding.  We literally have nothing else to do that day but follow you around with a camera.  You won't miss any moments of the day, big or small.  Let's say your Uncle Bob was in charge of filming the ceremony from the second row.  And maybe he gets swept up in the romanticism of your ceremony, and that camera starts to slip down.  Then you have an amazing shot of your feet while the groom tears up during his vows.  Wouldn't you love to have all your guests present and ready to celebrate with you, relaxed and stress free with the knowledge that someone is taking care of capturing all those precious moments?

2. Quality - Camera phones and consumer video equipment have come a long way.  Video cameras fit in the palm of your hand and footage can be shared in seconds from phones. Our cameras and lenses though are professional cinematic tools that give our films a look impossible to capture on an iPhone or handycam  But it's more than just the camera.  Ever film on your phone or video camera while it's windy? You can't hear much.  Even in a church the sound echos and isn't quite clear.  A professional cinematographer can provide you with not only great picture quality, but great sound as well with our microphone set up.  We also invest in stabilization gear so the camera doesn't shake while the operator moves or laughs.  We can fully capture just how beautiful you look, your details look, and make sure you look amazing!

3. Story and Edit - Photographs give you a great piece of art and a timeless feel, but a wedding film is a bit more tangible. The two go hand in hand and tell your full story. Each Hankerson Photography Wedding film is carefully crafted using the beautiful and/or funny words spoken at your wedding, and it will tell your specific story. We work hard to capture the beauty and uniqueness of your venue, whether it's in the city or in the mountains. We also cover the entire ceremony and reception so you can relive the event in the long format film as well.

4. Style - We have it...  Well at least cinematically.  A video professional has an eye for capturing all the excitement, the special moments, nuances of your wedding day. That's the power of our storytelling abilities.  Something we've practiced and honed in on.  Something not everyone with a camera can do.  And because of this style, your video will be a heirloom to watch again and again.  Our films are short, yet inclusive and it's like watching a feature film of your day.

Having professionals for any part of your wedding day is important.  It gives you the best day possible, and allows your guests to relax and be present.

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