Traveling back to Belle Glade , FL

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Family Portrait PhotographerBelle Glade, Born and Raised

My Family gathered to celebrate the life of one of our eldest aunts in Belle Glade, FL. It was a sad time, but having family together, showed us the we still have us, let's embrace it. During our reunion, if you want to call it that, we visited Muck City. Muck City is comprised of a few small towns located on the south each shores of Lake Okechobee. Those cities are Belle Glade, South Bay and Pahokee Florida.

Donald Neal, Artist

Even though I was there for a sad occasion, I couldn't resist documenting the event through photography. I traveled with my family, It will be my son's first time seeing where his dad called home as a child. My uncle Donald Neal lives in my old house, well let me correct that. He has converted my childhood home into an Art Studio. He is a very, very talented artist. I am not saying that, because he's my uncle. He really is. His specialty is "Realism". Realism is exactly what you think. I remember as a kid, he painted a picture that I think he called "Florida". It  had  many elements that made you think Florida.  Elements such as, sunny white sand beaches,  palms, oranges, and beautiful bass fish.  Well, one day he took a break from painting and went outside to relax with his beverage of choice and Old Milwaukee. Do they even exist right now? Anyway, back to the story. When he came  back in from his break, he noticed that the family's pet cat, had scratched and clawed the painted fish. The cat though the fish was actually real. I will be posting a video on my YouTube channel that shows a walkthrough of the house. I want to warn you....a lot has changed.

Links for my Uncle Donald Neal


Glades Central High School, Belle Glade, FL

My old school was demolished in 2001, sad day.  
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